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Real Men Accessorise

A plain wedding band and a pair of Cufflinks was once the sum total of most men's jewelery collection, oh and maybe a St Christopher necklace for the adventurous or the religious. But times have changed and men are increasingly expressing their personal style through jewelery and accessories. A particularly prominent trend and the one we'll focus on here is the stack of bracelets and cuffs often worn next to a wristwatch. It is not clear where this trend first emerged but it's been frequently observed in the street style images from Pitti Uomo (Italian Mens Fashion Festival) and this will have no doubt accelerated the popularity of the look.

Even in more traditionally conservative fields like banking it's now not uncommon to see a collection of beaded or woven leather bracelets on a man's arm. This represents a little hint of self expression in a world that typically requires formality and professionalism, it's saying to the world 'I am not defined by this job'. Wrist accessories are also a way of capturing and remembering places one has visited or experiences enjoyed, again they are a method of expressing that the wearer is more than what they do 9 - 5, that they are well traveled, a well rounded person. 

Then there is those whose motives are more aesthetic or status inferring. A beautiful woven leather wristband by Bottega Veneta or minimal sterling silver cuff by Le Gramme communicate much the same about the wearer as a quality wristwatch, that he is someone who appreciates quality and design.

Below is some inspiration for how you can implement this look for yourself.