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Beach Behaviour Change


Since we began the Ocean Collection project we’ve come across various initiatives created to reduce the amount of marine debris in our oceans and waterways. We wanted to give a shout out to a couple of these in this post. The two we’ve focused on both use simple behaviour change techniques to encourage action by making that desired action as easy as possible to implement and making the motivation to do so greater by suggesting people share their action through social media. Take3 ( asks people to take 3 pieces of litter from the beach when they leave and use #Take3forthesea to show what they have collected. While 2 Minute Beach Clean (, well I don’t need to explain their mechanic to you do I. So whether it’s 3 items or 2 minutes, next time you’re at the beach take away a little more than you came with.
 Cover image is called ‘Thongs’ by John Dahlsen - digital print on canvas.