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Real Men Accessorise

A plain wedding band and a pair of Cufflinks was once the sum total of most men's jewelery collection, oh and maybe a St Christopher necklace for the adventurous or the religious. But times have changed and men are increasingly expressing their personal style through jewelery and accessories. A particularly prominent trend and the one we'll focus on here is the stack of bracelets and cuffs often worn next to a wristwatch. It is not clear where this trend first emerged but it's been frequently observed in the street style images from Pitti Uomo (Italian Mens Fashion Festival) and this will have no doubt accelerated the popularity of the look. Even in more traditionally conservative fields like banking it's now...

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The changing definition of luxury

Ask any luminary from the fashion or design world for their definition of luxury and it’s likely they’ll reference things like ‘space’ or ‘time to think’ rather than expensive objects made from rare materials. Another macro trend were seeing is people increasingly seeking out experiences rather than possessions to spend their hard earned money on. So what do these two factors mean in terms of what we perceive as a luxurious material nowadays? Once the answer to this was easy, exotic leathers like crocodile or stingray, rare natural fibers, like alpaca or cashmere or precious metals such as gold or platinum. These were the building blocks of luxury goods. But the desire for experiences over possessions has resulted in a...

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Beach Behaviour Change

  Since we began the Ocean Collection project we’ve come across various initiatives created to reduce the amount of marine debris in our oceans and waterways. We wanted to give a shout out to a couple of these in this post. The two we’ve focused on both use simple behaviour change techniques to encourage action by making that desired action as easy as possible to implement and making the motivation to do so greater by suggesting people share their action through social media. Take3 ( asks people to take 3 pieces of litter from the beach when they leave and use #Take3forthesea to show what they have collected. While 2 Minute Beach Clean (, well I don’t need to explain...

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A POV on Packaging

On one hand packaging is the ultimate expression of superficiality, the unnecessary garnish that, after a brief moment in the spotlight is banished to the bin. However it can also play an important role in both protecting a product and communicating a message. We've worked hard to make the packaging for our Ocean Cuff as low impact as possible. 

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Marine debris: threat or opportunity

Some estimates suggest that there are 13,000 pieces of plastic waste floating in every square kilometre of ocean. While this represents a great threat to marine wildlife it also represents a great opportunity. This waste can be reincarnated and made useful again. However to do this we need to invest in the techniques to harvest and process it efficiently. More to come on this subject...

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